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Welcome to my world. Feel free to browse and enjoy the sights and sounds. This is a world of my own creation.

For those who don't know me (and that should be just about everyone). I'm an avid outdoors man, certified crazy person, computer nut and starving (well, not quite) poet. This site is devoted to those and other things that make my world go round.

Words I live by:    If it aint' awkward, it ain't fun

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You will find opinions, insights and stuff on trips I have made with my brothers and some of the things that we have found helpful thru our experiences backpacking, canoeing and fishing. You may find some of our stuff useful and some of it useless but no matter what you think I hope you will enjoy it. You will also find some of my thoughts on various subjects, my poetry and some photos I have taken that caught my attention or imagination.

I have recently fallen in love with a wonderful woman who brightens up my days and has given new meaning to my life. I had almost forgotten what it was like to feel this way about someone. It's like a new experience and I'm having to learn all over again.

More words I live by:     It's not an adventure 'til something goes wrong

Random Thoughts

3 Sep 10

How times have changed over the last year or so. A couple of months back I was informed by my daughter that she is getting married in December. Her husband to be is an American Air Force member who is presently stationed in Okinawa. While this is pretty much a long distance relationship at the moment they have both made trips to spend time with each other and seem to be happy together. They are planning on having her head over to Japan after the wedding which would be a trip and a half if I could afford it myself. I'm not sure of the hoops they have to jump thru to actually be together after they get married but I'm sure they will sort it out. As for the wedding in December I'm going to be making a trip out so that I can give my daughters hand away. I guess it also means I'm going to have to come up with something decent to wear, tshirts and jeans won't cut it at a wedding.
I have just purchased a new motorcycle that I'm hoping to be able to take some nice cruises on. I have been feeling the urge since I got rid of my last one and the feeling of being out on a bike has grabbed me once again. There is just something about heading down the highway on 2 wheels that is much more satisfying than being enclosed in a car. Although its rather late for this year I can hardly wait until next spring when I can get it out and do some real cruising.

Yet more words I live by:     Life ain't fair, get over it princess